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Fine Art Giclée Printing - Archival inks on canvas, watercolor, cotton rag and other premium fine art papers is what puts the Giclée in fine art printing.  Striving for the best quality art reproductions is what Giclée means to us.

Fine Art Scans - If you need your artwork digitized (captured to a computer file), we provide the highest quality digital reproduction of your work.  Measure the original piece (width x height) and multiply the number of square inches by the scanning fee listed below.  Smooth art includes watercolor, pencil and charcoal reproductions.  Textured art includes oil and pastel reproductions.

Pricing Instructions - Print prices are calculated by multiplying the width by height of the print you want including the border. Find that square inch range in the table below and multiply it by the square inch price for the print price.  Quantity discounts are available.  See additional information below.

Square Inch Range   Price Per Square Inch   Quantity Discounts
Scan (smooth art)
Scan (textured art)
$ 0.255
$ 0.218172
$ 0.168744
$ 0.1575
$ 0.118056
$ 0.111108
$ 0.107496
$ 0.17361
$ 0.243
  2-4 Prints (-15%)
5-9 Prints (-25%)
10+ Prints (-35%)

Additional Information - As listed in the chart above, digital reproduction of your artwork is an additional $0.17361 per square inch ($25/square foot) for smooth art like pencil, watercolor, etc. or $0.243 per square inch ($35/square foot) for textured art like oil, acrylic, etc.  All captured Images are archived on our computer, so when you reorder additional prints, you only pay for the prints themselves.

If you wish to have a high resolution copy of your work (to take to other printmakers or to keep on file) there is an additional fee of $125.00 for a copy on CD/DVD disc. Low resolution copies of your work on CD/DVD disc are available for a charge of $15.00. These can be used to post to a website or to make small print copies such as on note cards.

Prints on fine art paper typically have a 1/4"-1" border on all sides (we can discuss your preference.)  Canvas prints that must be stretched, need at least an additional 1.5" border on all sides.  For gallery wraps, an additional 3" border on all sides is required.  This additional size is added to the total size of the print and will affect the price.

Digital enhancement and retouching services are available. Images can be color enhanced and imperfections can be removed from artwork. Additional services are billed at $75/hour.

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